Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweater curry (minced meat, meat balls)

Products:450 g finely chopped or minced lamb1 pod of green chilli2 cloves garlica piece of green ginger, 2.5 cm1 tsp ground pomegranate1 tsp fresh coriander1 / 2 tsp cumin1 tbsp. tablespoon lemon juice2 tbsp. spoon bread crumbs of white bread or pea floursalt and black pepper to taste1 egg1 large onion210 g canned tomatoes1 tbsp. teaspoon coriander1 tsp mountain masala1 tsp salt450 g of fresh green peas or ice2 tbsp. spoons of sunflower oil1 / 2 tsp turmericvegetable oil for frying

Finely chop the chilli, ginger, garlic and coriander and mix with finely chopped or minced meat, all thoroughly. Put in the minced ground garnet, thyme, breadcrumbs, or sifted pea flour, salt, pepper and a lot of good Promesa. Add one protein, fresh lemon juice, mix well. Roll it into little balls of minced meat the size of a walnut and fry in boiling oil. Sweater ready. Baked jacket can be frozen in the freezer and use as needed.CurryGrate the onion and fry on moderate heat in two tablespoons of sunflower oil. When the onions will get a golden-brown color, put in a turmeric and saute another 3 minutes, then add the canned tomatoes. Fry until then, until the mixture is smooth and begins to allocate oil. Add salt and green peas to cook for another 5 minutes.Pour into a lot of 0.8 liters of boiling water (if you want to get a thick curry sauce, water need to take less). When the peas become almost soft, pour into the sauce jacket and torment for another 10 minutes. Then add the coriander and garam masala, cover and leave to simmer for 5 minutes. The dish is ready. Sweater served hot with boiled rice or chapatis.

Tips:If the stuffing will be too wet, the balls implode. To avoid this, add the minced meat breadcrumbs or pea flour.In very dry mincemeat jacket obtains solid and lose flavor.

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