Sunday, September 12, 2010

Pork with rice and pineapples

500 Рі low-fat pork, 250 Рі rice, 6 slices of pineapple,
2 items of a spoon of a butter, 1 bulb, 3 carnations,
1/2 С‡. Spoons of a ground coriander, 1 С‡. A spoon of salt,
On 1/4 С‡. Spoons and cardamom, 3 items of a spoon of the pineapple
Juice, 1 items a lemon juice spoon, 1 item a spoon
Granulated sugar.

Meat to cut small slices. Oil to warm up
And to fry in it meat, having added salt, a coriander, a carnation and
Small cut onions. Not ceasing to stir slowly, fry
10 minutes Then to add 1 glass of water and to extinguish to softness.
The welded rice to mix with 3 slices of the cut
Pineapples. Meat to mix with the turned out sauce and to lay out
In the form for from above to put rice, to strew
Cinnamon, cardamom, ”3 items spoons
Waters. The remained slices of pineapple to mix with the pineapple
Juice, lemon juice, granulated sugar and to redden slightly
On small fire. This mix to lay out on a surface
Fig. the Ready form under a cover to put in an oven on
10 minutes

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