Sunday, September 19, 2010

Chicken tikka.

 Products:Chicken weighing 1300 g or chicken pieces0,25 yogurt 2 hourstsp salt1svezhy lemon2svezhih tomato1 tsp cuminover a large pinch of garlic salt, seasoning for chicken, cayenne pepper (to give a color), spice mixtures, ground nutmeg powder and barbecue (like barbecue seasoning) 2 tbsp. tablespoons sunflower oil

With chicken skin, rinse, dry with a towel and nakolite in several places with a fork. Put the chicken in a bowl. All the spices and salt, mix with yogurt and pour them a chicken so that the yogurt is well coated each piece. Close the lid, refrigerate and let marinate for 2-3 hours Put the chicken in a preheated 200 ° C oven and cook for 1 hour, occasionally basting the chicken pieces with sunflower oil (2 tbsp. Tablespoons)."Tikka" can be served on pieces of Nana with lettuce, tomato and lemon, sprinkled with caraway seeds.

Tips:To make the chicken has turned soft, the temperature of the oven should be uniform and sufficiently high.The chicken should be well promarinovat to it soaked spices

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