Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mutton (minced) with green peas.

 Products:450 g lamb mince220 g green peas (cabbage or Brussels sprouts)150 g canned tomatoes1 tbsp. spoon of green coriander1 / 2 tsp turmeric piece of green ginger, 2.5 cm2 teaspoons salt1 tsp garam masala2 pods of green chilli (optional)1 tbsp. tablespoon red wine diluted with 5 items. tablespoons water 1 cup water
In the beef add water and bring to a boil, put salt and finely chopped ginger rolling boil and let simmer for 10 minutes.Grate the onion on the grater and fry the other wa pan until golden brown in 2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil.Add turmeric and fry for 1 minute. Put the tomatoes continue to cook until it begins to stand oil. In the prepared mixture, place stuffing. At this stage, the fat can be removed. All the ingredients mix well. In stuffing, place peas (chopped usual go brussels sprouts). To neutralize the sweet taste of peas, add the chopped chilli.Well prozharte mixture for 5 minutes, pour the wine, diluted with water and leave to simmer for 15 minutes.To bring a dish to readiness, it can be put in the oven, then sprinkle with green coriander, put sliced fresh sliced tomatoes and serve. '
Tips:If not carefully monitor the fire, the dish will turn dry and lose flavor. Mixture to stir frequently, especially before you add the vegetables, otherwise it prigorit.

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