Sunday, September 12, 2010

Karry soup

400 Рі mutton, 1 bulb, 1 item a fat spoon, 1 l of water,
1 bay leaf, 1 С‡. A powder spoon, salt, lemon
Juice, 2 items of a spoon of sour creamё.

Onions small to chop and slightly to fry in fat. If is not present
Powder (a spicy mix from) to replace pounded
Garlic and other spices. To add this mix
To onions and to extinguish on weak fire of 3-4 minutes Small to cut
Soup greens to cut meat large pieces and to roast
Together with a bay leaf and salt. To shift products
In other ware to add water and to extinguish on the small
Fire during 2 С‡ to readiness. When the broth will boil away
Half, to filter it through a sieve, to add lemon juice
And to put sour cream.

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