Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hen, with tomatoes

1 hen, 4 bulbs, 4 sprockets of garlic, 5 tomatoes,
1/2 l of curdled milk or kefir, 1/3 glasses vegetative
Oils, 1/4 ч. Turmeric spoons, po1/2 ч. Spoons of caraway seeds,
Coriander, cinnamon, carnations, cardamom, ginger,
Red and black pepper, garam-masala, salt, greens.

Hen to draw, wash up, cut off a skin and to cut on
Pieces. The cleared, washed up onions and garlic to pass through
Meat grinder (as well as tomatoes). In a deep frying pan or a pan
With a thick bottom to fry to a golden crust on the heated
Oil the added some salt hen. Then to add spices,
Onions, garlic, all to mix and fry. To put tomatoes
And to fry, all moisture won't evaporate yet. To fill in with curdled milk,
To mix, cover with a cover and to extinguish to readiness. To shift
Dish in a bowl to strew garam-masaloj and greens.

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