Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chickens kerry on-madrasky

1 chicken, 3 items of a spoon of fat, 2 items of a spoon small cut
Onions, 2 sprockets of garlic, 1 item a powder spoon
кэрри (or pounded garlic with spices), it is a little
Water or a meat broth, salt, a lemon, 1 item a spoon
Tomato mashed potatoes (unessentially).

Onions and the pounded garlic to fry, through 2—3 mines to add
кэрри to reduce fire and to extinguish 2—3 minutes Cut
For a portion of a chicken to put on a frying pan, well
To mix with spices and to extinguish under a cover on the weak
Fire. If the liquid has strongly boiled away, to add water or
Meat broth that enough dense sauce has turned out. At
Desire during suppression to add tomato paste. To season
Salt and lemon juice.

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