Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Eggs with spices

8 eggs, 3 bulbs, 4 tomatoes, 1/3 glasses baked
Oils, on 1/2 ч. Spoons of caraway seeds, a coriander, the red ground
Pepper, garam-masala, salt, 1 item a spoon
The cut coriander.

To cook eggs within an hour, to take out, cool, clear.
From long cooking of squirrels becomes brown, its taste will change.
Onions to clear, wash, pass through a meat grinder
(As well as tomatoes). In a deep frying pan or kazan to heat
Oil to put caraway seeds, a coriander, pepper, then onions and
It is good to fry. To add tomatoes, to salt, mix
And to fry it is a little more. To put eggs, to fill in with 2 glasses
Waters to cover with a cover and to extinguish 10—15 minutes to Strew
garam-masaloj to mix. To shift in a bowl, to strew

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